BEIS publishes response to the consultation on changes to the CfD contract and related documents

On 18 December, BEIS published a suite of documents relating to the third Contracts for Difference (CfD) Allocation Round, which is planned to open by May 2019.

BEIS has today published:

  • a government response to the August 2018 consultation setting out the government’s decisions on changes to the CfD contract terms;
  • updated versions of the Quality Assurance Standard & Guidance Note 44 for CHP schemes, setting out thresholds and criteria for ‘Good Quality’ CHP certification;
  • the updated Standard Terms and Conditions and Generic Agreement documents to reflect changes made to the CfD contract. Changes to the text made to reflect consultation responses have been tracked to aid understanding;
  • two technical ACT Guidance Notes, which go into more technical detail on the new ACT criteria;
  • A document setting out the methodology used to determine the administrative strike prices for the third CfD allocation round.

These documents give developers thinking of bidding for a CfD in the next allocation round foresight of the contract that they will be expected to sign and how certain requirements will be interpreted, thereby aiding their bidding preparations.


Following on from the publication of the draft budget parameters in November, they give an important signal to industry and investors that the allocation round is on track for delivery by May 2019.


For quick links to each document published, please visit the BEIS page on this portal.