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Allocation Round three projects sign on the dotted line

October. 18, 2019
LCCC is pleased to announce that all 12 of the projects awarded Contracts for Difference (CfDs) through the third Allocation Round (AR3) have signed their contracts. Read about the full list of projects moving forward, their technology type,…

Results of Contracts for Difference Allocation Round 3 announced

September. 20, 2019
Today, 20 September, the Department for Business, Energy & Industry Strategy (BEIS) has announced the results of Contracts for Difference Allocation Round 3.  A total of 12 new renewable electricity projects have won CfDs, which include…

Date for release of results of the third CfD Allocation Round confirmed

September. 16, 2019
The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has informed the Delivery Body that the results for the third CfD Allocation Round will be released on 20 September 2019. The Delivery Body has informed applicants that the…

Update on the CfD AR3 timeline

August. 29, 2019
The EMR Delivery Body has reminded AR3 applicants that the Sealed Bid window for AR3 applications closed today, 29 August. Following the Allocation and Independent Audit process, qualifying applicants should expect to receive results on 20 September…

Update on the CfD AR3 timeline

August. 14, 2019
The timeline on the Contracts for Difference (CfD) Allocation Round 3 has now been updated to account for the sealed bid window being extended. Description Scenario 1: Shortest Timeline - All qualify Scenario 2: No Review(s) raised…

Update on the non-qualification review assessment and the AR3 timeline

July. 31, 2019
The EMR Delivery Body has announced today that the non-qualification review assessment process is now complete and, as a result, scenarios 1, 2, 4, and 5 are no longer applicable. Read the full announcement here. This means that Scenario 3 applies…

One-to-one surgeries conducted by the Delivery Body

July. 26, 2019
In preparation for future scenarios and a possible Auction, the Delivery Body is conducting 1-2-1 Surgeries with all AR3 applicants, who are being contacted directly. For more information regarding the potential post-assessment timeline and…

Update on CfD Non-qualification window and the AR3 timeline

July. 17, 2019
The EMR Delivery Body has announced that the CfD non-qualification submission window has now closed and that the non-qualification review assessment window has commenced. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the review assessment on or…

Update on CfD assessement and non-qualification submission windows

July. 10, 2019
The EMR Delivery Body has announced that the Qualification Assessment process for CFD Round 3 has been completed and the CfD assessment window has now closed. The non-qualification submission window opened at 9:00 am, today, Wednesday, 10 July 2019…

AR3 timeline updated

July. 05, 2019
Windows for some BEIS processes have been compressed, resulting in knock-on changes to dates for subsequent windows within all timelines.   The alternative timelines going forward are set out below.  This timeline no longer applies. Please see…

Allocation Round 3 assessment window now open

June. 19, 2019
The third CfD Allocation Round application window closed at 5pm on 18 June 2019. In line with the dates in the Allocation Round Notice, the third CfD allocation round assessment window opened today.   From today, Wednesday 19 June, until Tuesday 9…

New FAQs added to the portal

June. 14, 2019
Today, new FAQs have been uploaded to the portal in the Eligibility, Application, Auction and Contract Operation categories. 

Allocation Round 3 application window is now open

May. 29, 2019
The application window to the CfD Allocation Round 3 (AR3) opened today, 29 May. To apply for a CfD, applicants are required to register their company with the EMR Delivery Body CfD portal. Once registered, generators will be able to create and…

Publications tab available for AR3 applicants

May. 29, 2019
To improve user access, a new Publications tab has been added to this portal incorporating all relevant links to guidance and resources for AR3 from BEIS, EMR Delivery Body and LCCC.

Updated AR3 Application Guidance published

May. 28, 2019
The EMR Delivery Body has published an updated AR3 Application Guidance (v 2.1) and it is now available here. The document includes additional information in Section 7 Sealed bids.

CfD Allocation Round 3 Auction scenarios video published

May. 20, 2019
National Grid Electricity System Operator Limited (NGESO), the EMR Delivery Body, has uploaded a video to provide prospective applicants for the upcoming third CFD Allocation Round with an overview of how the auction system works and key rules such…

Allocation Round 3 capacity cap receives State aid approval

May. 16, 2019
Following the Budget Notice for CfD Allocation Round 3, published on 1 May 2019, indicating that BEIS was seeking State aid approval for a 6GW capacity cap, BEIS confirmed today that the European Commission has granted State aid approval for the cap…

Detailed Application Guidance published

May. 08, 2019
National Grid Electricity System Operator Limited (NGESO), the EMR Delivery Body, has published their detailed Application Guidance for the third CfD Allocation Round. The guidance is available on their website here.     It outlines the various…

Confirmation of AR3 timelines published-ARCHIVED

May. 01, 2019
The dates in the table below have now been superseded by the announcement of 31 July 2019 on this portal.     Milestones in the AR3 timeline on the landing page of this portal have been updated to reflect the timings confirmed in BEIS’ Allocation…

Minor and Necessary modification request window open on 1 May

May. 01, 2019
Following today’s publication of the final package of documents relating to CfD Allocation Round 3 by BEIS, applicants may now apply to LCCC for a modification to the CFD standard terms.   As required under the CfD (Standard Terms) Regulations…