Shortest Timeline

For simplicity, the timelines section of this website shows the longest possible timeline for Allocation Round 4 (AR4) and the shortest. However, in total, there are five potential scenarios.

This timeline is based on all applicants qualifying after the first application review, meaning there are no reviews or appeals. 

  • 2021
  • Draft Budget Notice published

    The Draft Budget Notice sets out the proposed auction parameters for AR4 including draft budget, delivery years, and any capacity cap. As this notice is draft, the parameters are subject to potential changes. 

    A Final Budget Notice (PDF, 233KB) will be issued no later than 10 working days prior to the commencement of the allocation round. 

  • Sep 13 2021

    Draft Allocation Framework published

    The Draft Allocation Framework for AR4 sets out: 

    •    the rules for AR4 
    •    the eligibility requirements that applicants must satisfy (as outlined in the Contracts for Difference (Allocation) Regulations 2014 (as amended)) 

    The Final Allocation Framework for AR4 was published on 25 November 2021.

  • 27th September – 3rd October 2021

    Supply Chain Plan Application Window

    This is the window for applicants with projects of a generation capacity of 300MW or more to submit their supply chain plans for assessment, in order to receive a SCP statement from the SoS. 

  • Exemptions Request Notice Published

    The Exemption Request Notice (PDF, 122KB) sets out the process for excluded sites to apply for an exemption from their temporary site exclusion for AR4. 

  • Week commencing 1st November 2021

    Publication of Minor & Necessary guidance

    The Minor & Necessary Modifications Guidance (PDF, 470KB) provides guidance on how an applicant may apply to LCCC for a minor and necessary modification to the Standard Terms. It also sets out the application form and the information to be included in the application. 

  • Week commencing 15th November

    Engagement on Minor and Necessary Modification requests.

    This is the period of time where potential CfD applicants can start early engagement with LCCC on minor and necessary modification requests. 

  • November 2021 – 14th December 2021

    Minor and Necessary Modification request window

    This is the window for potential applicants to make their formal request to LCCC for minor and necessary modifications. 

  • Final CFD standard terms issued

    These are the final versions of the CfD Standard Terms and Conditions, the Generic Agreement and contract variants for AR4. 

    Each CfD contract issued in AR4 will comprise 2 components: 

    • the specific front-end CfD Agreement 

    • the Standard Terms and Conditions 

  • Final CFD Budget Notice

    The final budget notice (PDF, 233KB) sets out the proposed auction parameters for AR4.  

  • Final Allocation Framework and Framework notice published.

    The framework notice (PDF, 135KB) states which Allocation Framework is applicable to CfD Allocation Round 4. 

    Final Allocation Framework for AR4

  • Allocation Round Notice published.

    The Allocation Round Notice (PDF, 174KB) confirms the key dates for CfD Allocation Round 4, including a commencement date for the round. 

  • Counterparty Costs Notice published.

    CfD applicants may apply to the CfD Counterparty (LCCC) to request ‘minor and necessary’ modifications to the CfD contract. This notice (PDF, 130KB)sets out the threshold above which the costs likely to be incurred by LCCC as a result of the modification would not be considered ‘minor’. 

  • Standard Terms Notice published.

    This notice (PDF, 237KB) sets out the figures that must be used by the Low Carbon Contracts Company (LCCC) to complete the appropriate Standard Terms (CfD contract), which is individualised for each successful project.

  • 13th December 2021 – 14th January 2022

    CFD Allocation Application window

    This is the window for applicants to submit their CfD Application and accompanying evidence/documentation. 

  • 2022
  • Latest date for Minor & Necessary Determination.

    This is the deadline by which LCCC intends to respond to requests for minor and necessary modifications. 

  • 17th January 2022 – 25th February 2022

    Qualification Assessment Window

    This is the window for the Delivery Body (National Grid ESO) to review CfD applications against the relevant CfD Qualification criteria. 

  • Applicants notified of outcome of Qualification Assessment.

    Applicants informed whether their applications are considered eligible (qualifying) to participate in AR4 or ineligible (non-qualifying). 

  • 28th February – 7th March 2022

    Review of Allocation Round final valuation

    During this period BEIS review the final valuation of the Allocation Round and the Secretary of State considers whether a budget and/or capacity cap increase is warranted. 

  • Inform applicants if auction is required and invite sealed bids. (Notice of auction)

    Delivery Body confirms auction start date and invites applicants to send in their sealed bids. 

  • 9th – 29th March 2022

    Sealed bid window

    This is the window for applicants to submit sealed bids. 

  • 30th March – 21st April 2022

    Run Allocation and Independent Audit process

    This is when the allocation/auction process takes place, followed by an audit of the accuracy of outcome. 

  • 22nd – 25th April 2022

    CfD Notification.

    Delivery Body notifies all Qualified applicants of allocation/auction outcome. 

  • 26th April – 10th May 2022

    Contracts processed and distributed.

    This is the period in which LCCC sends out contracts to the successful generators (making a formal offer of a CfD)  

  • 11th – 24th May 2022

    Sign contracts and return to LCCC.

    Signed contracts must be returned 10 working days after offer was made.