National Grid Electricity System Operator (Electricity Market Reform Delivery Body)

National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO)  fulfils the role of the Electricity Market Reform Delivery Body (EMR DB) and is responsible for delivering the Contracts for Difference (CfD) regime allocation process, by which contracts are awarded. 

What is National Grid ESO's role in the allocation round?

National Grid ESO runs the CfD allocation process in accordance with the CfD allocation regulations and the requirements of the relevant allocation framework.  

A central part of its role is to guide and support applicants through the application and allocation processes, which it does via stakeholder engagement activities, such as webinars and the provision of guidance documents on the EMR DB website.  

It is also responsible for the assessment and qualification of applications. During this stage of the allocation process, its core responsibilities are to:  

  • Undertake the assessment of the applicants   
  • Notify applicants of qualification and non-qualification outcomes after assessment  
  • Run the allocation process  
  • Issue CfD notifications to successful and unsuccessful applicants  
  • Issue CfD notifications of successful applicants to the Low Carbon Contracts Company, which will offer the contracts