The government has today published its response to the February 2022 consultation on technical changes to the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme ahead of the fifth allocation round (AR5).

Following the response, the government has also launched a further consultation, on the AR5 Supply Chain Plan (SCP) Questionnaire.

The response to the AR5 consultation primarily confirms decisions taken by the government to strengthen the SCP process, including a new requirement for floating offshore wind projects to submit SCPs and the introduction of applicant feedback sessions.

The response confirms that sites caught by the Non-Delivery Disincentive will be excluded from the next two applicable allocation rounds rather than only the following applicable round, as is currently the case. 

The response also sets out that the government will amend the CfD regulations to align them to a change to the valuation formula introduced for the fourth allocation round.

Further consultation

Following the outcome of the February 2022 consultation, the government has launched a further consultation today, on the AR5 SCP Questionnaire.

This new consultation proposes changes to the questionnaire, inviting views on a number of areas, such as the scoring methodology, the weighting attributed to questions and a bespoke questionnaire for floating offshore wind applicants.

The consultation closes on 14 June 2022.