The sixth allocation round (AR6) of the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme has opened today (27 March 2024).

The round aims to bring forward new, clean energy and deliver value for money for households, continuing the success of the CfD scheme.

The scheme has been hugely successful in driving substantial growth in the UK renewables sector, which now accounts for over 40% of our electricity compared to 7% in 2010.

AR6 has the largest budget of any CfD round yet and will see a range of renewable technologies, including offshore wind, solar, onshore wind and tidal stream, compete for support across three separate auction pots, with the lowest-priced bids being successful.

A competitive AR6 will be vital to helping the UK achieve its energy security and net zero objectives and will provide consumers with increased protection from volatile global gas prices.

The AR6 application window will be open until 19 April 2024. Applications may be submitted via National Grid ESO’s EMR Portal. Guidance on the application process is available via the publications page of this website.

AR6 will run to one of five potential timeline scenarios depending on whether there are any appeals following assessment of the submitted applications. Results from the round are expected at some point this summer.

Updates on AR6 will be published on this website as the round progresses.