Recording of the ‘Introduction to AR6’ online event held by CfD delivery partners on 22 February 2024.

Please note that this event, held on 22 February 2024, was designed to introduce prospective applicants to Allocation Round 6, including delivery partners’ roles in the scheme and key CfD processes. This recording is for informational purposes and does not supersede or replace relevant published guidance documents and regulations.

The contents of this recording are not intended to and do not constitute legal, investment, commercial or operational advice and should not be relied upon as such. Interested parties should refer to relevant regulations and the full terms of the CfD, and/or consult their professional advisors where they require information or advice on matters relating to CfDs generally and/or any CfD to which they are a party. 

The presentations and Q&A session reflect the current thinking and approach of the delivery partners and should not be viewed in any way as binding. Please note that the primary source and most reliable source of information are the regulations, Allocation Framework and statutory notices, which are already available on, GOV.UK and this website.

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